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We have developed this site to target specific needs of immigrants residing in Los Angeles or intending to move to Los Angeles. Whether you have a simple question about how to convert your current visa to a different visa type, need help in finding a competent lawyer, or something a lot more complicated and may require expert advice and help, we have the resources and information to put you in the right direction. All of the immigration lawyers found on our directory have a great deal of experience in dealing with political asylum, green cards through employment or marriage, and more complicated issues such as handling deportation proceedings.

All of the immigration lawyers are located in the greater Los Angeles area and they have years of experience dealing with tough cases. We have carefully reviewed every immigration lawyer listed at this site, and we have only included lawyers we believe to have earned enough trust and reputation to justify being listed at our site. We have created profiles for our lawyers which contains an overview of their qualifications and includes:
  • Description of their background.
  • Full contact information.
  • Affiliated immigration law firms
  • Professional credentials.
  • Any special areas of expertise.

Immigration News, Articles, and Opinions

  • Undocumented Professional Gets Law License in California
  • News article - Jan 02, 2014
    Even though 2014 is only two days old, it has already been a big year for California resident Sergio Garcia. A unanimous ruling by the California Supreme Court declared that Garcia could be given a law license and admitted to the State Bar of Califor... [read more]
  • Los Angeles Gay Immigrant Dennis Vitug Gets Stay of Deportation
  • News article - Jul 25, 2013
    Good news recently arrived for a Los Angeles based gay Filipino immigrant Dennis Vitug. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco granted a reprieve from a deportation order that would have sent him back to his native Philippines. The court... [read more]
  • The Highly Anticipated Immigration Bill
  • News article - Jun 15, 2013
    In 2013, the United States Congress is expected to work on an immigration bill. With illegal immigrants a key issue in the nation, many are looking for an immigration bill that resolves current problems and provides a path to citizenship. The immigra... [read more]
  • Federal Judge Says Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Office Profiles Latinos
  • News article - May 25, 2013
    On May 24, 2013, a federal judge issued a ruling in a landmark immigration case. The case was brought against the United States' toughest sheriff and accused him of singling out Latinos. In a 142-page decision, United States District Judge Murray Sno... [read more]
  • Illegal Immigrants Will See an Eight Year Wait under President Obama's Plan
  • News article - Feb 18, 2013
    Politicians on both sides of the aisle have been calling for immigration reform for years. For some reason, however, it has been slow coming. In President Barack Obama's 2013 State of the Union Address, he urged Congress to act speedily in sending hi... [read more]
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