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  • Undocumented Professional Gets Law License in California
  • News article - Jan 02, 2014
    Even though 2014 is only two days old, it has already been a big year for California resident Sergio Garcia. A unanimous ruling by the California Supreme Court declared that Garcia could be given a law license and admitted to the State Bar of California. Immigration advocates see this as a big win for their cause, showing that undocumented people in the US should have the right to pursue professional careers and contribute to society. However, the narrow ruling in this case still leaves many miles before full immigration reform will be achieved.... [read more]
  • Los Angeles Gay Immigrant Dennis Vitug Gets Stay of Deportation
  • News article - Jul 25, 2013
    Good news recently arrived for a Los Angeles based gay Filipino immigrant Dennis Vitug. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco granted a reprieve from a deportation order that would have sent him back to his native Philippines. The court ruled in Vitug's favor due to his credible fear that he would experience persecution in the Philippines if he were to return due to his sexual orientation. As Judge Harry Pregerson of the Ninth Circuit stated in his opinion, "The evidence compels the conclusion that Vitug will more likely than not be persecuted if he is removed to the Philippines."... [read more]
  • The Highly Anticipated Immigration Bill
  • News article - Jun 15, 2013
    In 2013, the United States Congress is expected to work on an immigration bill. With illegal immigrants a key issue in the nation, many are looking for an immigration bill that resolves current problems and provides a path to citizenship. The immigration reform bill was first introduced in April to the Senate. It contains the potential to advance civil rights for all Americans and immigrants. If it passes successfully, it will allow millions of immigrants to eventually become American citizens.... [read more]
  • Federal Judge Says Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Office Profiles Latinos
  • News article - May 25, 2013
    On May 24, 2013, a federal judge issued a ruling in a landmark immigration case. The case was brought against the United States' toughest sheriff and accused him of singling out Latinos. In a 142-page decision, United States District Judge Murray Snow decided that the agency was racially profiling individuals during immigration patrols. The Phoenix-based courtroom effectively backs up years of accusations by critics of Sheriff Joe Arpaio that his offers regularly violated the constitutional rights of Latinos that they suspected were illegal immigrants.... [read more]
  • Illegal Immigrants Will See an Eight Year Wait under President Obama's Plan
  • News article - Feb 18, 2013
    Politicians on both sides of the aisle have been calling for immigration reform for years. For some reason, however, it has been slow coming. In President Barack Obama's 2013 State of the Union Address, he urged Congress to act speedily in sending him a bill on immigration reform. In a direct challenge to members of Congress, he stated "let's get this done," and a draft bill has since been circulating around Congress. The potential legislation sets forth a path for illegal immigrants to obtain citizenship, but there may be obstacles yet to be faced.... [read more]
  • Illegal Immigrant Seeks to Join the California Bar
  • News article - Aug 01, 2012
    Sergio C. Garcia is a 35 year old illegal immigrant who entered the U.S. with his parents when he was 17 months old. His parents entered the country illegally, and therefore so did Sergio. The Garcias returned to Mexico when Sergio was nine years old and then returned to the U.S. when the boy was 17. Mr. Garcia's father became a U.S. citizen and worked with Sergio to secure his legal status and green card. In 1994, father and son set out on the course to change Sergio's immigration status to legal. When the immigration application was presented to the authorities, the application was accepted and Mr. Garcia was placed on a waiting list. Father and son were advised that the wait for final approval could be as long as 10 y... [read more]
  • Federal Government Sued by Lesbian Couple over Their Immigration Troubles
  • News article - Jul 14, 2012
    A lesbian couple in California filed a suit against the U.S. government over an immigration issue that was apparently the result of the Defense of Marriage Act, or "DOMA", passed in 1996. Jane DeLeon has filed the suit with the Federal court in Santa Ana on behalf of her 26 year old son, her wife and other gay couples facing similar immigration issues. The case is now pending in the California Central District Federal Court.... [read more]
  • Senator Chuck Grassley's release on his hold on H.R. 3012 should benefit H-1B visa seekers
  • News article - Jul 13, 2012
    Chuck Grassley, Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Republican, decided to remove his hold on an immigration legislation that would help speed up the visa system for highly skilled immigrants, particularly H-1B Visa seekers to enter United States for work. This bill is referred to as the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act and would work to ease the huge backlog of visas from applicants, primarily from China and India, who wish to add their skills to America's workforce.... [read more]
  • The trust act AB 1081 California's snub at Arizona.
  • News article - Jul 07, 2012
    On Thursday, July 5, the California State Senate passed Assembly Bill 1081 also referred to as the TRUST Act. AB1081 states that a police officer can only refer people convicted of serious felonies to immigration officials. Lower-level offenders can no longer be detained simply on their undocumented status. Now that this bill has been passed along party lines, it will move to be reviewed by the state Assembly.... [read more]
  • Scammers await young illegal immigrants
  • News article - Jul 02, 2012
    President Obama's use of the Executive Order privilege is estimated to affect as many as 800,000 young illegal immigrants. The Order generates excitement and hope, along with a certain amount of anxiety. The stakes are high for many of those affected.... [read more]
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